elative situational risk

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 An extended essay format is not required. Your answers should be clear and to the point.

No specific formatting or citation is required.

Question 1. You are the manager of an early childhood learning centre. In preparation for the occupational health and safety guidelines of your workplace, please provide brief descriptions of the following:

a.      What are the four types of workplace violence, and how do they apply to this context? (2 marks)

b.      Evaluate the relative situational risk of this context (2 marks)

c.       Identify the types of workplace violence that are more likely to be experienced by your employees. Justify your answer.(1 mark)

Question 2: Suggest two interventions designed based on the premises of the reinforcement theory to motivate employees to wear personal protective equipment (1 mark). Explain how, according to the reinforcement theory, your proposed interventions are effective and whether there are any risks (potential unintended side effects) associated with those interventions. (4 marks)

Question 3: The results of a recent survey by the Occupational Health and Safety Committee of Toronto Police Services Board suggest that the physical health and work/family balance of many of the police officers suffer because of shift work. Night shifts are particularly considered hindering to police officers’ health and work/family balance, according to the survey. In the last meeting of the committee, it was suggested that offering a compressed workweek to employees might be an effective intervention to help with their work/family balance. You have been tasked with researching the effectiveness of this intervention. In your research, you came across the following systematic review:

Bambra, C., Whitehead, M., Sowden, A., Akers, J., & Petticrew, M. (2008). “A hard day’s night?” The effects of Compressed Working Week interventions on the health and work-life balance of shift workers: a systematic review. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health62(9), 764-777.

Permalink: https://ocul-yor.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/permalink/01OCUL_YOR/sqt9v/cdi_proquest_miscellaneous_69426807

a.      Describe the components of this systematic review that you will examine to evaluate its quality and the extent to which its recommendations can be trusted. Make this evaluation based on each component and overall (9 marks). b.      Based on your evaluation


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