Quantitative Research Article

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This assignment will allow you to practice searching for a quantitative nursing research article by using an online database. Follow the search strategy given on the assignment instructions below. You will have one attempts to submit a correct article. When you are successful with this assignment, you may use this nursing quantitativeresearch article in a follow-up assignment in Module Four – The Evidence Based Practice Project: Finding the Evidence. Do not select a qualitative article,  an Evidence Based Project article, or a Quality Improvement/assurance project, or a Literature Review, or a concept analysis, or Retrospective research, or a systematic review, or an article that is not published  in a nursing journal or in any journal where a registered nurse is not listed as one of the authors . See criteria which is reiterated in the rubric and grading criiteria.Do NOT use:

  • A retrospective study
  • A mixed methods study
  • A qualitative research article
  • A systematic review
  • A quality improvement article
  • An evidence based practice article
  • An article writen only by physicians [or non-nurses] and / published in a non nursing journal
  • Continuing education article


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