Reflection Paper

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Complete a personal reflection paper that describes a coaching event that you participated in. This event should be a review of personal experience as either the coach or coachee/client. The reflection paper should include a description of the roles of both the coach and coachee/client. The reflection should be written through the view of the Evaluator and should focus on recommendations, outcomes that resulted from the coaching event and provide recommendations for improvement for the participants.

The paper will not exceed five pages (plus the cover and references) and will follow the student paper format from APA 7th Edition.

Stanier, M. (2016).  The coaching habit: Say less, ask more & change the way you lead forever.Toronto, Canada: Box of Crayons Press.  

Whitmore, J. (2017).  Coaching for performance: The principles and practices of coaching and leadership (5th ed.).  Nicholas Brealey Publishing. 


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