Social Determinants Of Health

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About the picture of this attached my professor asked me this question.

 Wow…this picture tells quite the story.  What have you seen in your area that may be similar to what Exit 0 (Links to an external site.)( Jesus Cares At Exit 0 | Serving Louisville Ky, Clark & Floyd County)  is doing in Jeffersonville IN?

Please answer this question

Choose two MEMES

  1. Do online research and find one strong example of a GOOD MEME
  2. Do online research and find one strong example of a BAD MEME

In your paper include a link and reference to each of these TWO examples of MEMES, then briefly describe each example and explain why you chose it.

PLEASE NOTE: The Good Meme you choose shouldn’t just be a “funny” Meme. The Good Meme can be funny but should also demonstrate a helpful/healing/beneficial cultural message, just as the Bad Meme should demonstrate a negative/dangerous/damaging cultural message.

For the videos below I just need a note for each, don’t answer the questions just take a small note for the questions.

Video #1

What is a Meme?

Video #2

 (Watch from beginning until 4:15) memes

Video #3

Susan Blackmore TedTalk / Memes and “temes” (watch from beginning until 12:06) Susan Blackmore studies memetics, founded on “the principle of universal Darwinism”. She discusses the theory of memes: ideas that replicate themselves from brain to brain like a virus.

Video #4

What happens when a bad meme goes viral?

Video #5

Is it possible to “neutralize” a bad meme after it’s out in the world?


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