Sports Assignment

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APA 7th edition to include title page and page numbers as well as references section. Minimum 3 pages not including title page and references.

Chapter 4 looks to understand the consumers which Sports are marketed towards.  As a consumer, consider an item you would like to buy, have, or game to attend for your favorite team.  From this perspective, identify your perspective on the 5 psychological or internal factors which impact your decision to buy (personality, motivation, perception, learning, and attitude) then consider the 5 sociological or external factors that impact your decision to buy (culture, social class, reference groups, family, and situational factors).  Consider the factors discussed for influencing consumers and spectators in Chapter 5 as part of your consideration.  You should have an introductory paragraph to your anticipated purchase and one (1) paragraph of at least 4 sentences each to consider each of the 10 factors (5 internal, 5 external) for the paper.  


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